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Only in India! July 9, 2013: Shambu Dada, an Indian mahout, or elephant keeper, signals toward oncoming traffic as he rides his elephant, Kanchan, in New Delhi on July 6. According to news sources, there are some 28,000 wild elephants in India & thousands that are domesticated.

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India Menuez On The Power Of Art For Oyster #109

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How to grow your own bridge: Villagers create 'living' crossings by training roots across a river

A living bridge. On BBC's Human Planet, they explain how the locals of Nongriat in Meghalaya, India have been making foot bridges out of tree roots for the past 500 years by using hollowed out betel nut trunks to guide the direction of the roots’ growth.

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One of the oldest existing passenger ships, 26,000-ton Britanis, sank 50 miles off the coast of Cape Town, South Africa, on Oct. 21. The aged liner left Salvador, Brazil, earlier last week under a tugboat's tow, and was headed for a scrap yard in India when it developed a leak in the aft section.

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India Menuez On The Power Of Art For Oyster #109

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[NEWS] 150409 Fluttering India Press Conference -SUHO -------Suho smile is so priceless!!

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Pictures We Love: Best of September

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India: Down the Ganges, with a man who really knows the way

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Keep your finger on the pulse of web development by bookmarking this toolkit of 25 online tools for front-end web developers.

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