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Stairway to heaven: 300ft spiral staircase to give Chinese tourists a taste of the high life - as long as you don't have a heart condition

"The … staircase has been installed on [a] wall of the Taihang Mountains in Linzhou, [Henan, China] to offer the thrill of mountaineering without the danger." • by Sara Malm • photo: CEN


Opinion: Drawing the line on tax breaks - Sen. Bernie Sanders

The billionaires are hellbent on taking us back to the 1920s, eliminating all traces of social legislation designed to protect working families, the elderly, children and the disabled. They want to expand the disastrous trade policies so corporations can continue throwing U.S. workers out as they outsource jobs to China for low wages. Some want to eliminate the minimum wage so American workers can have the “freedom” to work for $3 an hour.


Tang Dynasty 618-907, China "I loved that little mouse, and the cup and saucer ride. I just wasn't tall enough to go on all the rides" ,