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Why We Don’t Use the Word “Retarded” and Why You Shouldn’t Either | Jews and Special Needs | Jewish Journal

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ARIEL SHARON DIES at 85 today 2014-01-11 Sat • p4 • born 1928 Feb 26 • ISRAEL's: 2001-2006 11th Prime Minister (Likud Party) • Media commemoration by Haaretz: “How the world reported the death of Ariel Sharon: from France to Lebanon, Sharon's death made front-page headlines. Here is how some of the world's leading news outlets reacted to the news.”

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"I do not need to be in a congregation- this statement is a representation of not only many young people today but of even some older people..." Messianic Jewish News from Israel Kehila News

Missionary in Philippines: 'Bodies Lying Everywhere' - World - CBN News - Christian News 24-7 -

Like if you prayed for ISRAEL today. Messianic Jewish News from Israel Kehila News

The UK Bans Two Prominent American Bloggers From Entering the Country-Pamela Gellar & Robert Spencer, pro-Israel activists were slated to speak at the English Defence League in UK. Letter said their presence is "not conductive to the public good".

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