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News Channel 5 Weather

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Mom's 18-Point iPhone Rules for Son

I hope the right thing pinned! It's 18 rules for a mom's 13 year old son who wanted an Iphone. Great rules!

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Improve Your Tornado IQ (And Know What To Do)


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In Oklahoma today......WOW!! Only GOD can paint these Images. Only HE can remind us how small we really are. Shared from Region 56 news Channel --- Tyler, Texas by Alan Durham on fb on 5/25/16

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2016 It's Amazing Out There Photo Contest Winners

Spectacular photos of nature, adventure, and weather from amateur & pro photographers. Vote for your favorites in the…

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Bad Weather Monday

     On Monday November 7,2016 it is bad weather in Baton Rouge Louisiana.At 3 pm in the afternoon it was sprinking outside and when it wasn't sprinkling outside the sky was overcast and it was not sunny and blue like it is on beautiful weather days.  People can look at the weather forcast on the internet and people can install weather channel apps on their iphone or ipad.  The weather headlines the local news forecast every night.

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