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Do you speak Kiwinglish? New Zealand's distinct linguistic identity

New Zealand English is like English, but different. And it’s developing in a direction all of its own. Tumeke!


A Dictionary of Maori Words in New Zealand English (Bilingual) (Paperback)

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BEST CHOICE ENGLISH COURSE in NEW ZEALAND the Eurolingua Institute is the best choice if you want a short intensive (1 to 4 weeks), professionally oriented English course with insights into English language and culture combined with social activities and local visits. PLAY THE VIDEO:

There are two languages that I believe would be immensely helpful for the typical English-speaking New Zealander to know: indigenous (te reo Māori), and sign language (NZSL).

Language 2/2: After time passed, the language started dying out. In schools, people were discriminated against for speaking any Maori. It used to be the most popular language in New Zealand, but then the English language took over. In New Zealand, most people do speak English, just with an accent.

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