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Nest—a self-programming thermostat that learns your temperature preferences and lets you program it from your phone.

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Meet Hive's gorgeous new thermostat and smart home devices

If you own one of Hive's smart thermostats and are looking to get more from the connected appliance, today is your lucky day. The British Gas-owned company toda...

Branto Smart Home Automation And Security System (video)

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3 Ways The Lyric Thermostat Makes The Smart Home Brilliant

Don’t let its looks deceive you. Honeywell’s new thermostat is bringing truer intelligence to the smart home.

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Honeywell’s new HomeKit and Alexa compatible smart thermostat runs $149

Honeywell’s been doing its thing for well over a century now, with its thermostatic roots stretching back even further to the 19th century days of coal..

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Ecobee launches a new thermostat with location-detection as its killer app

Ecobee launches a new thermostat with location-detection as its killer app || The thermostat has a 3.5-inch capacitive touch screen and is connected via Wi-Fi. It also comes with a sensor that you place in a room in your home, and that sensor sends the temperature in that part of the house back to the thermostat. It also conveys information about your exact location inside the house. | GigaOm


We have the works! Loving our new home automation system Vivint: Home Automation, Home Security and Solar Energy Systems (smart lock: can lock and unlock when away from home, doorbell camera can two way communicate from phone, thermostat control from phone, motion sensors in home as well as back patio infrared camera and infrared garage camera)!


Ecobee Launches New Ecobee3 Lite Smart Thermostat