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Setting Intentions in Tune with the Moon, Create a Regular Moon Ritual


Top 4 Crystals for Working with Moon Energy. Whether it be for the full moon, new moon or any phase of the moon. Click HERE >>>

Sit, listen to the wind, birds and trees. Allow the beauty and chaos that is nature to enter and propel you through this time we call life. Breath in the smells of an open fire place and a camp fire. Know the difference they have on you and your surroundings. Give with an open heart and mind. Know that there are richer and poorer. But never measure those two thoughts by the amount of money one has. For richness is how you live and give of yourself, not what you have.

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NEW! Moon Phase Planner Stickers

NEW! Moon Phase Planner Stickers! Qty: 35 moons Perfect for decorating your planner for a unique look! Any questions!? Feel free to message us


A tarot spread to help guide intention-setting during the new moon. tarot, new moon, tarot spread, lunar phases


New Moon Intention Setting for a Full Moon Bath Ritual: The New Moon is a magical ✨ time of beginnings. A new lunar phase begins and it’s a time for rebirth and recharging. The New Moon is a …