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Moon is 100% full (Full Moon) at 11:26, Jul 22 · last Full Moon was 11:15, Jul 22 · next New Moon will be 14:51, Aug 6 [all dates & times in Pacific Daylight Time] Sent using Moon Phase Pro for Android™

Did you know that you can see the Moon during the day? Many people only notice our Moon at night, when there is considerably more contrast between the Moon and the night sky. Being the second brigh…


The Importance Of The Indian Festival Of Diwali

In its most basic form, Diwali is a festival where families, friends and neighbours celebrate the victory of light over darkness. This works on both a symbolic level and a literal level as the date on which Diwali is celebrated is the night of the darkest, new moon night of the Hindu lunar month of Continue reading The Importance Of The Indian Festival Of Diwali


Opposites attract? Why you should date someone more like you

It goes without saying that The Twilight Saga has a huge fanbase, and the same goes for its star Robert Pattinson. The British actor may have gotten his big break playing the hot vampire Edward Cullen, but he has certainly come a long way since then. Not