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The New Leipzig School

He is one of the importance artists of New Leipzig School because he founded it before some one has known Neo Rauch! Uli Forchner Here this is a picture of Poet Erich Loest


The cloud laboratory at the Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research has unique facilities for researching the development of clouds. In front: Peter Maria Schnurr, the chef in charge of the Leipzig restaurant FALCO and Neo Rauch, one of the most sought-after painters worldwide and the most important representative of the “New Leipzig School”

1990-ies Video game art (Videogame Art) Web art, Internet Art) Young British artists (Young British Artists) New Leipzig school (New Leipzig School) Statism (Stuckism) Toism (Toyism) Bitterism

Gögel, Sebastian - Konzentration - New Leipzig School - Other/Unknown theme - Oil on canvas 2005