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Except that if someone says "down the shore" you know what part of jersey they are from because you go to the beach not the shore!

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"I'm from New Jersey. I don't pump gas. I curse a lot. I judge you by your exit off the parkway. I know that 65 mph means 80. I know that we're tough. I know that when disaster strikes, we come together and stay strong. I'm from New Jersey, and it's not dirty, it's home." -The Smart Blonde

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Quotes About Being From Jersey | New Jersey Geo-demographics

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When I order a plain pizza in Florida, they always ask "you mean with just cheese?" and I'm tempted to say I mean just dough but I'm afraid that's how they would send it. They also think when your pizza is well done and a little dark that it's burnt.

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New Jersey Home Poster Print

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New Jersey Love // Reclaimed Wood Nail and String Art by cwrought, $110.00

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