My ex-man brought his new girlfriend, she's like "oh my god" but I'm just gunna shake

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So the guy that I've liked for a year just got a girlfriend who's only liked him for a few weeks and I don't see anything they have in common. All my friends say I should just tell him how I feel because it'll make me feel better and maybe he'll change his mind but the thing is I don't want to ruin his happiness with his new girlfriend and he stopped talking to me and I just don't know what to do. Any ideas???

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You lost your family, your friends, and your daughters when you picked a trashy new girlfriend who talks shit and somehow this is everyone else's fault???

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Netizens approve of #BTS Jimin's new 'girlfriend'

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FUNNY SHIRT: "Don't Cry Because It's Over, Smile Because His New Girlfriend Looks Like A Horse" #shirt #storenvy #cry #horse

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I’m Tormenting My Ex’s New Girlfriend On Social Media | Thought Catalog familiar, it is

Slut new girlfriend n

Letting your new girlfriend disrespect your kids' mom badly makes you so attractive! Said no mother ever!

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