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35 Reasons Why the Cast of 'Harry Potter' is the Best

Nobody is immune to the charms of the Harry Potter series. Whether you be a witch, wizard, Muggle, or member of the royal family, there's...

Gryffindor House. Symbol: LionColours Scarlet and GoldElement: FireRelic: Gryffindor’s SwordCommon Room: Behind the Fat Lady’s Portrait, seventh floorPositive Defining Traits: Bravery, chivalry.Negative Defining Traits: Recklessness, arroganceFounder: Godric GryffindorHead: Minerva McGonagall [1956 - 1998]Ghost: Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-PorpingtonNotable Members: Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter, Neville Longbottom.


Et si Harry Potter ne s’était pas si bien terminé ?