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100 percent reason why I started this whole MMA. The main character is almost a reflection of me on the inside.


@fearlessmotivationofficial right on point with this one. Never back down! Follo... #success. #quotes #rich #wealth #prosperity #cash to achieve #passion #dreams #goals #entrepreneur. #Get your #6figures #income #secret


Preach iron horn preach!!! I have never backed down! I'm not a coward like them!


We live in a society where gentleman are non-existent. It's time that we take that back. A true gentleman pays for his lady's food and puts down his phone when talking. He allows others to express their opinion and he dresses in good manners. A gentleman knows how to talk with others and enjoys listening for most of the conversation. He never has a lack of vocabulary and expresses his ideas in superb form. A gentleman understands that common courtesy is not dead. Most of all, he doesn't…


Everyday I'm tested. Everyday I train. I give my all to become a Worrier. I will never back down! I have scar's I will have more. For I will never surrender.