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Jessica Jones! A gritty, character drama filled with top notch performances. Marvel proves they can do a female superhero right. Finished 11/25/15 #netflix

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The Evolution of Daredevil - brush up on your superhero costume knowledge in time for the new Daredevil Netflix series with this infographic.

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excuse the language but seriously this is why i want to write superhero novels. I want superheroes who go through crap and have breakdowns but keep fighting and trying to do the right thing anyway. That's what we need right now. Superheroes who are super despite what's dragging them down, superheroes who are desperately trying to overcome their demons, so that they can be a source of hope for people going through similar situations, and show that it's possible. there is hope.--Christina…

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‘Captain America: Civil War’ Features a ‘Luke Cage’ Crossover? -- Two new cast members have been revealed in ‘Captain America: Civil War’, one of whom has a connection to the Marvel/Netflix show ‘Luke Cage’. --

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