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Find reviews and information on neonatal nurse salary can be one of the reasons why many people decide to pursue a career in their future now. What other benefits can you get?


nursing salary -- hm guess im heading in the right direction.. The avg salary of a CNA is $26,000, then an LPN is $46,000, and an RN is $79,000 and if my dream comes true and i become a neonatal nurse.. i can make an avg salary of $95,000. Not bad to do something i love doing (and totally better than dealing with the restaurant industry) im hanging this on my wall for inspiration/motivation lol


Neonatal nurse salary is one of reasons for many people who decide to be neonatal nurse

Neonatal nurse salary

At present, a neonatal nurse salary can run from around $50,000 to over $83,000 per year, based on the area where you are working.

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