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350 Character Traits - A Fabulous Resource for Writers

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Did a short retest recently...came out as INFJ...rather than INTJ..... maybe the T or F depends on the day....but I'm definitely INJ...

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ENFP - negative traits --- This is a great list. (Not saying every ENFP has these issues, but that that *can*) I definitely have issues with a lot of these things. Such as mundane tasks.

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350 Character Traits - A Fabulous Resource for Writers

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...and pick three negative traits. Daurian is also oversensitive, indecisive, and inhibited. Drismatir is also skeptical, stubborn, and unemotional.

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What I hate is people think they have me figured out. Yeah. Sure you do. Keep telling yourself that.

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true but its really foolish....try to know people who they truely are and dont assume everything good in people....coz you truely love nd care for someone but people take it wrong and spread really ugly stories about you and disrespect your feelings in most ugly way....they dont even think about what they are putting you through....see good things in people but also beware of their negative traits

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