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You need to get your due process too, BarryCunt, you did your "fair share" messing up our country you gay moslim communist satanic bastard, and I DO MEAN BASTARD!

*Back in the saddle❤ *Now hold on dear, come as soon as i can! *The world needs you! *Love knowledge roots story's and ancestors all of you! *Global (w)arming ❤ In the mean while F*cking *SHINE! ❤

A friend of mine posted this on facebook and I knew I needed to share. #freedom #lifeisshort #livetheride

Quotes Of The Day – 16 Pics

okay this means a lot because 1. I'm scared shitless and 2. I just read a Monster calls and this man is my favorite person

You are always in control of what you choose to think. You have been given the gift of life for a reason, and you are meant to be happy. Believe it and receive it!

equipoise- [ee-kwuh-poiz, ek-wuh-] = an even balance; equilibrium.

Everything is temporary -

Which I both detest and feel obliged to do the most. Not everyone is adepted to see quantum leaps in thinking :)