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Rounding to the Nearest 10 A hundreds chart is a great way for students to visualize numbers that round to each group of ten. Use one color to highlight numbers that round to 10, another color to highlight numbers that round to 20, and so on


Students will turn over two cards at a time. The first card is the tens digit and the second is the ones digit. They round that number to the nearest ten. If they are correct, they cover one of those spots on the game board. If those spots are all taken, lose a turn. Play until all spots are covered. The one with the most counters on the board is the winner. ENJOY!!

from Teach Two Reach 2nd Grade Happenings

Five for Friday Everyone!!

For a fun, low prep, measurement assessment, I had students create houses or flowers out of construction paper strips. I pre cut a bunch of strips. They had to measure out pieces with a ruler and cut them, to construct their picture, and write the inch amount on each strip. Then at the end, they needed to add up all the parts and title their picture. such as, "My 45 Inch House."