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#Location based services # Provide location of retail stores #Marketing for nearby companies #Real-time solution to queries #Recommendations for travel, stay, food, etc when on a trip #Assistance when on the road: Nearest gas station #Monitoring of workforce #Management of workforce #Courier delivery

have a shitty overly robot toy chica please dont do the icon spam thing in the comments holy shit chill edit: hadn't realized i forgot to add the watermark. fixed that real quick haha (nervou...

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Mumbai, India

From your current position, you can find nearest bank, nearest gas station, nearest hospital, nearest hotel, nearest restaurant, nearest supermarket, nearest Chinese food, nearest us bank and nearest bank. Ask the app nearest bank near me and you will get a list within 3KM radius. Or be specific like "Places to Eat Near Me" and voila, the best eating places list is at your disposal.

Rounding. This is perfect for those students who struggles with the act of, and gives them a visual instead.

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The Easiest Way to Find the Nearest Gas Station

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Please spread the word! Zoey was last seen in Bernalillo, NM 87004. Nearest Address: Warrior gas station in Bernalillo by the Santa Ana casino, she was taken by a woman in a silver Hyundai SUV. Woman had a little girl with her.

If your effects pedal breaks in the middle of your tour, stop at the nearest gas station and grab an Altoids box!

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** "Yer a redneck! Yoo justs said yer car broke down and yoo wuz enema from de nearest gas station."

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Is this your lost pet? Found in Tacoma, WA 98404. Please spread the word so we can find the owner! Description: No collar, but very friendly. Black dog, long hair, and a white chest, with stunning brown eyes. He/she wouldn't get close enough to pet, but she/he isn't afraid of cars. Be Careful off of Portland Ave and 104th, between the gas stations. If I could get him/her in my car I totally would. The dog has some wisdom and isn't a puppy. (Sorry for the bad photo he/she wouldn't sit still)…

Mapquest can you help you find the nearest gas station on your route

Don't worry about the fuel in your car, wherever it goes out just log on to #Qlook and find the nearest #PetrolPump instantly

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They never got this luxury, of getting invited for a GOOD, REAL, meal. They always had fast food, or microwaved crap. Never good food.

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EuroOil Application helps drivers to find the nearest gas station, provides an advise how to ride safely or how to provide first aid.

A post from @letoilesan on Ello.

A car phone Can it be Done? Scoops magazine UK ~ Not a bad idea! What will they think of next? This made me smile - and Wonder....MR

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Winter Motorcycle Maintenance - Put Your Bike to Bed for the Winter

Having a shop winterize your bike can cost over $200. But if you can change the oil in your car, you can easily winterize your own bike and save most of the cost. Just pick up the items we show here and gather up your tools. The winterizing process takes less than two hours and starts at the nearest gas station.

Please spread the word! Gunniess was last seen in Henrico, VA 23231. Nearest Address: (Shell Gas Station) 2707 Williamsburg Road, Richmond, VA, United States

2014 Kia Sorento. Such a great feature for when you’re in an area you aren’t familiar with or if you’re trying to figure out where the nearest gas station is. #njcarcoupon

Please spread the word! Moejoe was last seen in Spring, TX 77388. Nearest Address: Stripes Gas Station on Louetta Rd, Spring, Texas