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Do you know what a doppio is? I personally haven't seen this on a menu at any nearby coffee shops here in southern California but that doesn't mean it doesn't sound good. I would love an espresso topped off with MORE espresso! Who knew it had such a silly-sounding but somehow awesome name?


The easiest way to grow mushrooms at home is with a five gallon bucket full of coffee grounds, and some Oyster Mushroom spawn. Spent coffee grounds can almost always be obtained free from a nearby coffee shop. Oyster mushroom spawn can be purchased online from Amazon or from a mushroom lab near you. Detailed instructions for putting together a five gallon mushroom farm can be found


Street cafe in Marktplatz, Cochem, Rhine Valley, Germany (by mitko_denev). This is seriously the best way to travel.. Forget the tourist attractions; experiencing the culture and the daily lives of The People is the best.

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All the National Chains That Offer Free Wi-Fi

Sometimes, you just need to quickly grab some free Wi-Fi while you're walking through town. You probably know that nearby coffee shops offer Wi-Fi, but tons of retailers and restaurants offer it too--you just need to know where to look.


Ipswich Town, Suffolk, England. Lived in a nearby village and used to wear my shoes off shopping in Ipswich. Great place to shop and have coffee or a glass of wine with friends.