Turns out he also choreographed Wolf (Exo) and Fire Truck (NCT 127)!!

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I actually liked the dreads on Winwin in the Limitless vid. I may be in the minority on that, but I don't care. Of course his natural hair look amazinggg on him, but I think he pulled these off too.

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So this is it full term and no room left at the inn. My days are mostly spent nesting - in the loosest sense of the word while we are building and renovating. I've filled the freezer with meals for when our baby arrives washed everything ten times over and we've made a good start on the nursery now too. One of the ladies from my NCT course had her baby on Thursday so it's all feeling very real now

Today I went to the next instalment of our NCT course this was the 'Women only' session. A secret meeting to talk about everything that would basically make the boys wince and run for the hills. It was lovely to get to know some of my fellow Mummas-to-be so exciting to know our babies are due only days apart. We even had a little coffee together after the class so I can now say I've had my first official 'Mother's Morning'. It was fab sharing stories and giggling over coffee and cake. I…

Haha I did this with BTS and Got7 the second I saw them :P (lol that's when I found out Jin was 6 years older than me and I was like: what? HE is the oldest?! XD)

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NCTINFO Number one bias in nct 127 other then taeil and taeyong of course

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