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PHOTOS: History Of War Dogs

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Inside Navy SEAL Team 6

Seal Team Six. If you think you have tons of respect for SEALS already, read this - you'll reach a whole new level of respect and admiration of how and what they do for our Country.

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What Valor! We all know liberals hate our military. We know they enjoy gutting its funding so they can purchase votes with hand-outs. As ignorant as they are to reality and common sense, this slips by them. This is what allows them the freedom to be the waste they are. Liberalism is a mental disease....

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Please help me honor Navy SEAL Matt Leathers who was laid to rest today after being KIT. Matt was a member of SDVT1 and has served our Country for 15 years. Never Forgotten

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Luminox A.7051.BO Navy Seal Blackout Ladies - Luminox - Tactical Distributors- Tactical Gear

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