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ammonites (fossils) - loved collecting fossils like these as a child with my dad on family holidays by the sea

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Live nautilus

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Ocean Pictures™ on Instagram: “Check out @wonderful_earthpix for pictures around the world Nautilus photograph by Dave Deepwater”

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Nautilus. Ever growing, ever changing. Once it grows a new, larger chamber it cannot go back to the previous ones; they no longer fit. It has no choice but to move on. Still, the old chambers are still part of them. Just as we are forced to move through life. Our past still stands and affects who we are today.

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Nautilo (Nautilus Pompilius)

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The Pearly Nautilus by BioDivLibrary on Flickr. A manual of the Mollusca :.London :Virtue & Co.,1868. #specimen

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Nautilus shell. The chambered nautilus lives in tropical waters extending from the Andaman Sea east to Fiji and from southern Japan to the Great Barrier Reef. This animal usually lives where the slopes of coral reefs descend into deep waters. During the day, it resides in dark cool waters at depths from 900-2,000 feet and ascends to shallower waters (300-500 feet deep) at night to feed. They locate food by smelling the ocean currents for traces of dead or dying prey. --National Zoo

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Incredible Photographs of Fractals Found in the Natural World

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