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Natural Conservatory Furniture

The furniture in here is way too prissy and fussy, but I'd be prepared to kill for the room it's in.

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If you have limited space for you plants the perfect solution is to hang them. We have a beautiful range of botanical artificial hanging baskets which never need water so that saves all the dirt drip marks on your lovely furniture!

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Disregarding the amount of hard-to-reach cleaning that would have to be done to keep this roof looking this good, wouldn't it just be amazing to live under this? Especially if you lived somewhere you could see the stars.

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'She Sheds' Are the New Man Caves

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WOW...a glass ceiling (like a sun-room) and a chandelier...this place must be BEAUTIFUL at night!!! *le sigh*...what wouldn't I give! <3

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Wish I Were Here

image from The Pink Pagoda/ Now that what I call a sun room. I would love a room like this to keep all my houseplants during the winter.

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