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Men wore a breechcloth made from deer skin. They usually wore no shoes, but sometimes moccasins.

Our pattern for Plains Indian High Top Moccasins includes summer style, made of regular leather, and winter style, made with fur. Two piece ...

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Pleats Please Issey Miyake, Native Shoes Debut Cruelty-Free Sneakers

SUMMER KICKS Pleats Please, Miyake's paean to the grace and simplicity of the pleat, feature permanently pressed garments that conform to the body and adapt to

Creative Native Boutique: Moccasins...

I made this order for a customer in Canada. She requested some newborn-sized wrap moccasins in a gender-neutral color.

Journey part I  "A Journey Across Canada" by  Pan Aaron #polandball #countryball

Journey part I "A Journey Across Canada" by Pan Aaron

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Dakota Fringe Cardigan - FINAL

In this picture you see a Fridge cardigan. The pattern on the cardigan is known as tribal print , where as you you can see there is repeated shapes all over the piece of clothing

Genuine Leather All-Natural Earthing & Grounding Soft Sole Moccasin Shoes Handmade in Canada by Native Americans

Stay connected to the Earth's electrons wearing these unlined natural moccasins perfect for Earthing, affordably priced with the best customer service

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*Shoreline Winner* West Point Lighthouse Sunset by Julie Desnoyers