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Finding all kinds of Native American Indian tools and artifacts, mostly arrowheads in my yards as a kid

Stone Age Tools and Implements

Check out this site for facts and info on the Native American Tools. Facts and information about the Native American Tools, used to make Native American weapons. The use, construction and materials used to make a Native American Tools.

Native American Obsidian & Antler Head War Club by thetreecyclist

Native American Obsidian & Antler Head War Club Tomahawk

Native Indian Weapons and Tools.Vast Libray of info on Native Indians

Indian Weapons: Tomahawks, War Shield, Clubs, Bows and Arrows. Lots of images of native americans' culture,tribes and a whole lot

Native American Bead Work  Great information site         Native american Beadwork

Native American Bead Work

Native American Children's Books, Ages 0 to 12

This pin provides a list of children's books, told by Native American's at a variety of reading levels. This can be a wonderful tool to teach through Native American's, not about them.

Ancient Indian Artifacts | Ancient Native American Indian Artifacts, Relics and Arrowheads ...

This photo shows ancient Native American artifacts. These artifacts include Relics and Arrowheads. Arrowheads are sharpened tips that were added to an arrow.