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Traditional Athabascan Coat. Let me reiterate that traditional items like this are not for "fashion inspiration." They are created from tens of thousands of years of tradition, and we've had enough white people steal our items and degrade their meaning that we don't appreciate when you repin this like you can just wear this. You can't. Items like this are for Indigenous only, and anything else is racist. We're not your costumes.

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1980s Medium Skirt Red Buckskin Fringed Leather Hippie Bohemian Native American Indian Costume Coachella Western Southwest Tribal Festival

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Native American Indians - can you imagine the skill, time and energy put into making his clothes... Amazing and breath taking...

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Native American Indian Style Festival Top with by SpellMaya $44.07... I have bought sooooo much stuff from this sight, it's going to break the bank but it's ALL worth it... BEST STORE EVER!!!!

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