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Super Simple Dream Catcher From a Paper Plate...I made these last year but just had them color the entire plate one color...I really like this one with the pattern decorations!!!

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Make a Bracelet out of Safety Pins

Safety pin and seed bead bracelet...wonder if this would look good on stage as a Native American beadwork bracelet...

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Native Americans: Rainsticks with some history and geography thrown in for a great lesson. Add a rain dance and chant, painting your face, & making rain in a jar for the whole immersion experience.

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FREEBIE! Native American Symbols to print out to use as a guide or for the children and use for writing stories and can also be used by students to decorate all of their items.

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Native American children created their own entertainment like this Native American Ball and Triangle Game. The fun is both in making the toy and playing.

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Basket Weaving for Beginners

I used this during my Native American study with 4th grade. My students LOVED making woven baskets!! Must have an odd number of flaps for this to work out properly.

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Community Post: 41 Creative DIY Hacks To Improve Your Home

Match boxes for favors and make some cute sign with this creative idea! More More

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NATIVE AMERICAN HEADDRESS... Great craft for Thanksgiving time or learning about different cultures. Children can create their own feathers or use purchased ones. I would like them to add a string of beads attached.

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How to make corn husk dolls

How to make corn husk dolls - a simple tutorial for kids and grownups alike to make this Native American craft. || Gift of Curiosity

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Native American Indian Arrowhead Wire Wrapped Pendant With Genuine Turquoise ~ Authentic Stone Age Relic

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Camp Crafts: God's Eye

Camp Crafts: God’s Eye - Native American craft representing Earth, Fire, Air, Water and God's watchful eye over their people.

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