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Quanah Parker, Chief of Quahada tribe of the Comanches. Born at Lagunas Sabinas (Cedar Lake in Gaines Co. Tx). Led the Indians in the battle of Adobe Walls in which he was wounded. His mother, Cynthia Ann Parker, was a captured white woman. His father had been a chief of the Comanche tribe. In later years, on the Comanche reservation near Anadarko, Oklahoma, he became a respected and wealthy cattleman and met President Theodore Roosevelt.


Quanah Parker - the "last Comanche Chief". He led a 40 year resistance against invasion and was never defeated. His tribe ruled the Southern Plains and defeated the Spanish through mastery of the horse.

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Native American Symbol – Peyote (Water) Bird Colors

The peyote bird, AKA snake bird and water turkey, is associated with the Native American Church and the ritual use of peyote there by the church members.


Quanah Parker was a Comanche chief, a leader in the Native American Church, and the last leader of the powerful Quahadi band before they surrendered their battle of the Great Plains and went to a reservation in Indian Territory


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