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The outlying regions around the Southern Pinwheel galaxy, or M83, are highlighted in this composite image from NASA’s Galaxy Evolution Explorer and the National Science Foundation’s Very Large Array in New Mexico. The blue and pink pinwheel in the center is the galaxy’s main stellar disk, while the flapping, ribbon-like structures are its extended arms.


A nanometer is one billionth of a meter. New science and technology based on the nanometer refers to the ability to manipulate individual atoms and molecules to build machines on a scale of nanometers or to create materials and structures from the bottom up with novel properties.Nanotechnology, according to the National Science Foundation, could change the way almost everything is designed and made, from automobile tires to vaccines to objects not yet imagined.


Scrible: Amazing Annotating Writing Tool for Dyslexic and Struggling Writers

Scrible: Amazing Annotating Writing Tool for Dyslexic and Struggling Writers: Scrible is an amazing online tool that students can use to annotate and color-code online text and simplify the process of writing research papers. This extraordinary technology, that is recognized by the National Science Foundation, can help students to read and write more efficiently. What's more, it offers a step by step process that can be monitored and supported by teachers and parents.


Pelican Nebula Ionization Front. The light from young energetic stars is slowly transforming the Pelican's cold gas to hot gas, with the advancing boundary between the two known as an ionization front.


Cape Pine Light; Trespassey, Newfoundland, Canada; This is Newfoundland's southernmost point. The light station is a National Historic Site. In recent years a pollution research station at the lighthouse has been operated by Michigan Tech with funding from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA/OGP) and the National Science Foundation.


Beautiful Horsehead Nebula-- This exceptional image of the Horsehead nebula was taken at the National Science Foundations 0.9-meter telescope on Kitt Peak with the NOAO Mosaic CCD camera


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