Happy national puppy day! Here are 13 snuggly puppies who aren't moving

13 Wrinkly Dog Burritos That Are Oh-So-Cozy

Any dog burrito is warm and snuggly, but wrinkly dog burritos are the answer to the very coldest and darkest of winter days. Ahead, 13 perfectly smushy little bundles who know just how to face February. More From The Dodo: Itty-Bitty Boxer Pup Can't.

Happy National Sunglasses Day!

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So DogGone Funny!: 16509 - Adorable Dog Bed -- Wonder if Any Dogs Have Tried to Eat It! | Pugs

At first it took me a while to figure out it was a bean bag chair

I NEED TO MAKE THIS FOR PRECIOUS,OMG HOW FREAKING CUTE!!!    Poncho& Sombrero set for dogs-Costumes-Poncho for Dogs-Cinco De Mayo-Pugs-Novelty Hats-Hats for Pugs-Pugs

Sombrero-Sombrero for Dogs-pug sombrero-Cinco De Mayo-Hats For Dogs-Pugs-Crochet Dog Hats-Dog Clothing

Pugs-Cinco De Mayo-Poncho-Sombrero For Dogs-Pet Clothing-Dog Clothing- Pet-Pug Clothing-Clothing for Pugs-Pug Life-Dog costumes

Time to celebrate, it's National Pug Day ;-)

"Fox Movie did not hire you for a commercial and I hope that red bow was not once a red pointie hat.

Happy National Dog Day! Show us your adorable doggy pics

Happy National Dog Day! Melt over these adorable viewer-submitted doggy pics

...but this pug knows it's better to share. | 17 Animals Celebrating National Pie Day

Community Post: 17 Animals Celebrating National Pie Day

In the Star Trek episode 'Wolf in the Fold,' Spock foils the evil computer by commanding it to 'compute to the last digit the value of pi.

Oct 15 National pug day

National Pug Day - National and International Pug Day - America, Australia, Italy, Canada, United Kingdom