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Ideas for creating a safe room, low stimulation area, etc. Ideas include using velcro to hang up curtains rather than curtain rods or blinds; Autism; Asperger's; sensory problems; sensory dysfunction; aggression in children


According to the National Autistic Society, around 700,000 people in the UK are on the autism spectrum, and each person needs a different level of support.

From a celebration for #WorldPoetryDay by the National Autistic Society @Dan Uyemura Uyemura Alex is this poem 'Sensory Overload' was written by Matty Angel, a woman with autism who lives in supported accommodation


April is Autism Awareness month. You may want to include some awareness for your students of all ages. Here's the official website for the autism society.

from The Mighty

Video Shows What It Can Be Like to Interview for a Job When You Have Autism

National Autistic Society Video Shows What Job Interviews Can Be Like for People With Autism


Thinking Person's Guide to Autism: Best Autism Conference Ever: The UK National Autistic Society's Professional Conference 2014