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This crap of, "it's his right", that's some bull. I guess since we have a right to say whatever in the hell you want to, then don't get your briefs in a bunch when they exercise their own rights. MY POINT IS, JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN, DOES NOT MEAN YOU SHOULD. Show some damn respect, or kick rocks!

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Amen! You don't stomp on it and you don't burn it!!! And you don't refuse to put your hand over your heart and stand for the National Anthem.

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Free Star Spangled Banner Printables

  The Crafty Classroom has a variety of free Star Spangled Banner printables to download.  Some of these free homeschool printables include: minibook, copywork, coloring page, and more! Find more free of July printables here!...

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Dr. Ben Carson is correct! Find another way to make a statement Kaepernick! Respect our National Anthem.

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