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Bollywood Hindi movie never again Nirbhaya Child artist Master Niv On National news paper prabhat_khabar

With a group of prominent Australians declaring the war on drugs a resounding failure, attention now turns to the politically sensitive issue of drug law reform. The Australia 21 report says the prohibition of illicit had caused an explosion in crime, illness and death and it calls for a radical rethink on drugs policy. But already many Australian states have moved to relax the criminal penalties for drug users. #drugwar #legalization


Three Habits You Can Break or Create Today

Morris Brothers Music Store Winner of Best Business Specialty Retailer Award | Stock Market Summary (NSDQ, NYSE, AMEX and more) on


Barbados Nation News writes that Kimberly Proverbs is an artist, but not in the traditional sense: “Instead of a canvas or paper, the face painter uses sponges and brushes to create her designs.” P…

Mamata magic continues, Trinamool tops panchayat polls - FrontPageIndia West Bengal’s rural voters gave the thumbs up to Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s Trinamool Congress, which decimated the Left Front and crippled the Congress in the violence-hit panchayat polls.

The National Geographic Magazine 1949 Norman Rockwell Fans – Exciting News! Buddy Edgerton’s book, “The Unknown Rockwell” is being made into a major motion picture titled, “Our Neighbor, Norman.” Jump onto our Facebook page, “Our Neighbor Norman” for all of the details! YOU TOO can be part of bringing this incredible movie to the big screen!


Google Reader - Big fan of this app. It's a great tool to stay on top of news, interests, feeds, etc that are meaningful to you. I use this app throughout everyday.