Broadcast branding and identity pitch for NatGeo channel showcasing the modular design key elements, ID`s, brand bug, fillers, transitions in a 2 min video edit. we have designed a simple but modular elemets to interact with the footage image from primary shapes we build the space to place the different information about each program and section for the tv channel

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<b>HUNLEY</b> -- Secret Weapon of the Confederacy (NatGeo TV Special)

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In addition to the Apple Events channel for viewing the WWDC keynote returning last night, Apple TV has added a NatGeo TV station from the National Geographic Channel and Nat Geo Wild channel. Appl...

National Geographic airs Mystery Science Theater for April Fool's: It’s no joke. The National Geographic Channel is bringing back Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K) for April Fool’s Day. MST3K literally changed entertainment as we knew it by talking over movies. #NationalGeographic #natgeo #tv #MysteryScienceTheater3000 #MST3K #funny #retro #aprilfools

American Gypsies - National Geographic. Working as a producer currently focusing on NatGeo TV's site relaunch. First wave live today!

<b>HUNLEY</b> -- Secret Weapon of the Confederacy (NatGeo TV Special)

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