Nascar nails

NASCAR fingernails - I'd have Austin Dillon colors & the number 3

Whose pumped for NASCAR this year!!

Erica Roberts and her "Taxi Cab" Jamberry combo!we love the Solid Yellow paired with Black.

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My foxy nail art since she said the fox racing emblem was too hard. I love it and my boyfriend even did a good job picking out the color scheme. Thanks babe 💋👌

Nail Apparel - NASCAR | Nail Decals, $4.00 (

Nail Apparel - NASCAR | Nail Decals, $4.00 (

Nascar nails!  #jamberrynails #jamberry #nailart #checkeredflag #nascar

Nascar nails! #jamberrynails #jamberry #nailart #checkeredflag #nascar