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Jupiter, it's good to see you again. NASA's Juno spacecraft returns 20 years after Galileo.
Una proyección cilíndrica de Júpiter, composición de una serie de fotos tomadas por la nave espacial Cassini durante su sobrevuelo del planeta en diciembre del 2000.  crédito:NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute.
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July 4th 2016-NASA's Juno Spacecraft Reaches Jupiter After 5-Year Journey. -Luminous beauty of Jupiter's auroras revealed by Hubble The images were released as Nasa’s Juno spacecraft hurtled closer toward the solar system’s largest planet.
Juno at Jupiter. NASA’s Juno spacecraft is scheduled to arrive at Jupiter after a five year journey. Launched on August 5, 2011, Juno will be inserted into a polar orbit around the giant planet on or around July 4, 2016. From this orbit the spacecraft will study Jupiter’s atmosphere and magnetic field. Juno will remain in orbit until October 2017, when the spacecraft will be de-orbited to crash into Jupiter.
What's Powering Auroras on Jupiter? NASA's Juno Probe Finds Puzzling Clues | Space.com
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A probe the size of a basketball court has taken unprecedented new images of Jupiter. NASA's US$1 billion Juno spacecraft, launched in August 2011, took five years to reach and settle into orbit around the gas giant, which is more than 415 million...
Did you know? NASA's Juno spacecraft launched with three LEGO figurines on board. Here's everything you need to know about NASA's first "manned" mission to Jupiter!  http://futurism.com/images/juno-mission-to-jupiter-nasa-lego-infographic/?utm_campaign=coschedule&utm_source=pinterest&utm_medium=Futurism&utm_content=Juno%3A%20Mission%20to%20Jupiter%20%5BINFOGRAPHIC%5D
Earth-sized aurora on Jupiter. NASA released this image as Juno prepares for Jupiter orbit insertion on July 4.
The rings of Jupiter out of all the images of planets from NASA this is one of the coolest (1370730)
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The four largest and best known of Jupiter's 60+ moons. I can see these through my telescope!!! ❤️