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Look at what I just happen to have in my foyer.. :D Do not open please, it's where I keep...special coats? (makes note to think of better excuse)

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This little girl is and will forever be my hero and my literature spirit animal -- Lucy Pevensie, The Chronicles of Narnia

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Which Society From A Novel Would You Live In?

"The Lamp-post was a major landmark in the country of Narnia, located in the north-western area populated by Dryads and Fauns, which was named Lantern Waste after it. Resembling a London streetlamp it stood in the middle of the forest and shone day and night. It was at the lamp-post that Lucy Pevensie first met Mr. Tumnus. He tells her that the lamp-post marks the beginning of Narnia."

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Disney Challenge Day 27: Best Wardrobe - Yes, I know exactly what they meant, and I also had way too many amazing wardrobes to choose from. Belle, Anna, Aurora, Mary Poppins, etc., all have great clothing selections, but I just couldn't decide which was the best. But we all know that the best wardrobe is the one that leads to Narnia. How could I pick anything else? I ask you? (Please read that last sentence in a Sir Percy voice.)

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The Chronicles of Narnia. C. S. Lewis is pretty much my all time favorite author. I fell in love with his writing when I was little reading these books. Now I am loving the movies.

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Susan's Horn Noble Collection Rare Replica Narnia Lion Witch Wardrobe Caspian (12/30/2015)

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Spare Oom 18" x 5.5" Wooden Sign Chronicles of Narnia

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