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Who does this sound like?: Controlling BULLY Threatens and intimidates RAGES THROWS TANTRUMS Never accountable Hypocrit PROJECTS Arrogant Condescending Demands, commands, orders DOES NOT LISTEN KNOW IT ALL Charming, externally Entitled

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25 Common Misconceptions of a Narcissist NPD Abuse Recovery on Twitter: Recovery from a relationship with a #narcissistic #sociopath takes a while. YOU WILL HEAL, they will self destruct!

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You no longer recognize yourself. Your emotions are all over the place. You feel angry, sad, anxious, ashamed, guilty, bad and afraid. You lack joy and can’t get excited about anything. You …

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gas lighting #gaslighting you're being dramatic. You're crazy. There's no love in your voice. emotional manipulation. Emotional abuse. Narcissistic abuse. Lauren Matthias.

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Audio record all your sessions. Even better, video record so you can analyze therapist's body language. Psychoanalysis is a cult designed to make you doubt yourself!

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I've never seen anything more true. And that's ok. Just know all of us who know you, know the truth.

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