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Females den by digging into deep snow drifts, which provide protection and insulation from the Arctic elements. They give birth in winter, usually to twins. Young cubs live with their mothers for some 28 months to learn the survival skills of the far north. Females aggressively protect their young, but receive no help from their solitary male mates. In fact, male polar bears may even kill young of their species.


Churchill, Manitoba Northern Canada This is the one place I would like to road trip with my dad to. It's been on his bucket list for years.

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Abandoned Kennecott Mine

Ghosts of the old territorial days are with us everywhere. Alaska is littered with abandoned Russian settlements, deserted prospecting sites and the wreckage of so many doomed expeditions into the cold, dark and mysterious Far North. Spirits of the ancients are even said to be trapped in the great animals roaming the Great Land, ferrying souls from this realm to the next.It's somehow fitting that perhaps the greatest concentration of paranormal activity in Alaska's vas

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Polar bear family captured fleeing for their lives in dramatic photographs after young cubs caught the eye of a hungry male

Let's get out of here: The three bears plunge into the water to escape the hungry male