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To become a true Aquascaping artist, you will need to be able to create a truly realistic underwater environments. So to start off here are some examples.

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Featured, Creative Aquascaping Designs With Large Tree Decorating Idea With Small Tree Design For Best Decorating Idea: Archaicfair Aquascaping Designs for Lovely Fish as Nice Decoration

Moss balls and drift wood look like a perfect place for water fairies to live.

"The perfectly coordinated nano products from Dennerle provide a simple means of establishing a stable biological balance.

Literally thinking outside the box - love the use of space and emergent and terrestrial species

fuck-yeah-aquascaping: “I love this one. Even the blue wall is a perfect match.

so green!! beautiful planted nano tank <3Nature Aquarium | Aquascaping | Aqua Design | Planted Aquariums

Nature Aquarium, Aquascaping and planted aquarium inspirations. Nature Aquarium is a concept of the planted aquarium introduced by Japanese photographer and aquarist Takashi Amano founder of Aqua Design Amano (ADA).

DENNERLE Nano Cube® Aquarium Design Contest 2011 1st prize

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I'm thinking in the guest room tank I can do this on each side so that when its sitting on the table it doesn't look so bare on its sides

I am going to decorate a gallon fish tank kind of like this. This is my first time decorating a fish tank with live plants so wish me luck!