This names the different types of triangles by sides and angles. Print on a 20x24 poster. I like to print mine at Sam's very reasonable in pricing.

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First Grade End of the Year MATH Review Part 1~ Freebie in the download preview :o)

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This geometry scoot features types of lines, angles and names of shapes. It also includes the classification of triangles by sides and by angles. ...

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This polygon names foldable geometry activity would be the perfect way to help my geometry students take notes on the names of polygons based on the number of sides they have! I love that it has triangles, quadrilaterals, pentagons, hexagons, heptagons, octagons, nonagons, decagons, hendecagons, dodecagons, and n-gons! I love using interactive notes in my geometry classroom. We teach this right at back to school time so it would be such a fun activity to get my Geometry students excited!

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GCN participants stay in Chiang Rai, in the far northern part of the country. It is known as the "Gateway to the Golden Triangle!"

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*FREE* All About Triangles: Learn all about the shape triangle in this math printable worksheet. Practice tracing, drawing, coloring pictures of triangles, writing the number of sides and corners.

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Holiday tree: guide youngsters to use a dot of glue at the point of the triangles to connect the tree parts and the craft then then be used for a math activity on measurement/comparing heights

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I've been seeing a lot of these grids with photos. I think it's a good inspiration for creating unique layouts.

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speech 1 Review of Triangle IPA (Triangle Brewing Co.) : Some beer fans are fortunate to live in an area that harbors a multitude of quality breweries. Living in Durham, NC, I am one of these fans. It seems that every decent bar has some sort of local brewing representation. Drinking these tasty beers is an important part of supporting your local community, plus it helps to establish a comradely between brewers and their fans. One of my favorite local breweries goes by the name of...

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