Baby name list. Baby girl names. Top 40 Baby Names of 2013-2014 (newest name data) in Scotland. Not all Scottish girls' names,

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Out of thousands of beautiful names for girls, give a name that helps her stand out but not one that she'll hate in a few years. Check out our special collection of girl names and pick a good one. . .

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Old fashioned german girl names for writing/naming characters and... babys... of course... #names #Baby #vintage #writing

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Olivia: Name No. 1 of our Top 10 names for baby girls in Canada (click through for the rest!).

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Baby Girl Name: Ilyana (illy-ahna). Meaning: Sun Ray. Origin: In Romanian folklore it is the name of a princess kidnapped by monsters and rescued by a heroic knight.

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Baby Girl Name: Aislinn (pronounced ash-linn). Meaning: Dream. Origin: Gaelic; Irish.

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Wood looking cake with heart and maybe "W" or baby's first letter of name.... on a piece of wood with some moss...But not the creatures everywhere. Tacky - baby shower

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