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Flags of African Countries-on this site you can get any maps with or without flags! Really cool site!!! (

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African Geography Activity: Africa Countries Word Search Worksheet

A word search puzzle featuring the names of 29 African countries. Students will reinforce their knowledge and review geography while having fun doing a puzzle. The words are hidden in all directions including diagonally and backwards and there may be some overlap. This is a somewhat challenging word find.

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Alphabetical List of All African Countries with Capitals

Alphabetical List of All African Countries with Capitals: Political Map of Africa

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Puff Puff -The Quintessential West African Vegan Breakfast or Snack. Easy to make with step-by-step pictorial.


I don't care how or when, but one day I'm going here to do some volunteer work


Various maps of Africa - Use with My Father's World Exploring Countries and Cultures

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Most West African countries are familiar with the popular street food Puff- Puff ,  which is known by different names depending on the country. Ghanaians call it Bofrot (togbei) , Cameroonians and Nigerians call it Puff-Puff (Puff) or beignet in French. The basic ingredient consists of: flour, sugar, yeast, water, salt and oil for …


* blank map- Asante and I are memorizing the countries of Africa in the month of January :)


On September 29, 1784 the Grand Lodge of England issued a charter for the African Lodge No. 1 later renamed African Lodge No. 459.The lodge, founded by Prince Hall was the country's first African Masonic lodge. African Lodge No. 459 grew to such a degree that Worshipful Master Prince Hall was appointed a Provincial Grand Master in 1791, and out of this grew the first Black Provincial Grand Lodge. In 1847 they changed their name to the Prince Hall Grand Lodge, the name it carries today.

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Not just a number any more: Website traces the African slaves who shaped America by name and country of origin

19th century court documents listing the names, ages and boat of African slaves have been turned into a 21st century database enabling people to search for their ancestors and giving slaves an identity. The African slaves, wrenched from their homeland and shipped to America in the 1800s, have been known only as numbers... until now. Called African Origins, the project, a new online database could help trace the roots of more than 100,000 slaves and help give them a proper identity.