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deb·o·nair ˌdebəˈner/ adjective (of a man) confident, stylish, and charming. *synonyms: suave, urbane, sophisticated, cultured, self-possessed, self-assured, confident, charming, gracious, courteous, gallant, chivalrous, gentlemanly, refined, polished, well bred, genteel, dignified, courtly;...


Staz Nair

Pin for Later: Christina Milian Joins The Rocky Horror Picture Show — See the Full Cast Staz Nair Nair, who is set to appear on Game of Thrones, will play Rocky.

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How to dress for a movie

Dressing for a movie becomes cranky at times. No more it'll be the same after reading this blog.


Self-confessed dandies, Le Sapeurs, have taken the genteel art of dressing to its illogical conclusion. This particular group of sapeurs enjoy a style whose roots lie in salons of Paris of the twenties but is accomplished in tones bright enough to make one’s eyes smart.


Oh my God, I love these little kittens! Apparently they are Ukrainian Levkoys, although they don't have the same folded ears... I think they might be sphynx instead