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It makes me so happy that girls with vitiligo (like me) are becoming more accepted in the beauty industry

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Doctor Who nails So I'm going to get this done but for the thumb nails I'm going to put the Policebox there ^-^ I'm gonna be so happy ^_^ Idk when I'm doing that doe. Hopefully soon

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Here's how Elmer's glue will give you a perfect manicure

Give yourself a perfect at home manicure with this easy hack. Apply Elmer’s glue to your cuticles and start polishing. Take a look for step-by-step instructions and more tips.

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Little Fluffy Clouds. with Inocos Céu. Reminds me of the epic The Orb track... <3

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How to paint your nails like a pro. other pinner- Will have to try this as I paint my nails like um... a child? Ok so this works! :)

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This work is dedicated to all animal lovers, especially those who have adopted and saved a life in need. We have dedicated over five years of our life building

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Straight Nail Vinyls

Happy New Year! Thank you so much to all of our fabulous followers for making 2016 a wonderful year for Snail Vinyls! This rockin' mani is by @lifeisnails. Ramie is using our Straight Nail Vinyls found at and @serendipitypolish

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So, today I woke up to find out that I've reached 10k followers!! ❤️ to me, it feels a bit unreal, but I'm so so happy and thankful, I can't believe there's so many people out there who likes what I do, it's amazing!! Thank you for your support and kind words, I couldn't have done anything without you!! You're da bomb ✨ Here are some damask nails on top of my green ombré to celebrate! Today is a happy day

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heart 1 make safe skincare accessible to all! This is in keeping with our conviction that 100% safe skincare is a necessity, never a luxury. Really Good™ is thoughtfully made so you can rest assured there will never be any potential ill repercussions whatsoever sometime later in life...unlike traditional brands who've largely not been accountable for being originators of serious health problems. We want to raise the bar because this has DEFINITELY NOT been the standard in a beauty industry...

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Balloon Nails These are so cute! I'm getting a lot of followers! Love you guys so much! Watching Pretty Little Liars! Bye Beauties!

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