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Baby Girl Name: Nadia. Meaning: Hope. Origin: British; Arabic; Romanian; Russian.

from HUMAN

You Don't Like Hunger Games? Here Have A Berry | Tank

You don't like Hunger Games? Here have a berry. All those who do not love Hunger Games should take a good hard look at themselves because while I may say "may the odds be ever in your favor" I mean, you've already lost because you're not a fan of Katniss and the districts and the best darn movie and books ever made.


Platt: "Let me ask you a personal question." Lindsay: "Why?" Platt: "Because I feel like it, and I outrank you, so just shut up for a second okay? Who have you talked to. I mean, really talked to, since Nadia died?" Lindsay: "Well, she didn't die. She was murdered." Platt: "Erin, the guy was unhinged. No one in this building, or anywhere else for that matter blames you." Lindsay: "Thanks Sarg. I'll take that under advisement." (2x22)


The war started along time ago. You were just to stupid, waiting to notice when Tyler would come. I was the first victim of this war. I lost my innocence.


Chapter 6:: caravan:: When they came to a beautiful wagon, they approached an older gypsy woman. "Where are your parents? Have you already ran away to get married?" In gypsy culture, it was common for teens to run away to get married. Vlad and Nadia had talked about getting married in the past. I mean, if you had spent six years with only one person, you would either want to marry them or murder them. Vlad smiled at Nadia and she was beaming. He turned his attention back to the older…