THANK YOU<<<Sick story, my Romeo and Juliet essay was basically "prove the deaths were the parents' fault and after a while I said to myself, "I've done this essay before wtf" About four months ago, Leelah's story was included in a speech I gave.

I know I'm pro-choice (a woman should be free to do whatever the hell she wants to her own body, that's my opinion and I'm going to keep it) but still.

Thesis Statement Graphic Organizer - This is a great graphic organizer that teachers could hand out to help students with writing a thesis statement.  I chose this document because I can see myself using it in my own classroom.  I like how the template helps the students break down the different components.

advanced essay writing, the research paper graphic organizer. Good for high school and middle school.

Here are some of the most beautiful words in the English language

The most beautiful words in the English language (pictures)

The number of times I've had to stop myself from doing this...


Everyone Hates Writing Essay. ^^False, I'm an English Major, that means I'm weird and I enjoy writing essays.

Khnopff, I Lock the Door Upon Myself (essay) | Symbolism & Art Nouveau | Art in 19th century Europe | Art in 19th century Europe | Khan Academy

Fernand Khnopff, I Lock my Door Upon Myself, oil on canvas, x 141 cm (Neue Pinakothek, Munich)

I am a slash writer. As such I find myself having to explain and sometimes defend that, particularly given that the fandom in which I mostly write is Tolkien's. I am also an academic by profession, but this will not be an academic essay (despite the occasional use of footnotes); nor do I pretend that my experiences in this area are universal. All I am trying to do is set down some of my observations and opinions about the slash phenomenon[.]

Fanfic Symposium:Slash Fanfiction: a Personal Essay