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BellaPiccoli - I'm Sassy Like My Mommy Baby Girl Onesie Sassy Onesies, $14.99 (

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Sassy like my Aunt Baby Girl Clothes, Baby Girl Outfits Aunt gift Aunt Baby shirt Baby Bloomers Aunt Baby Gift girl baby shower Coming Home

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Baby Girl Clothes TWO Sassy Second Birthday Shirt Two Sassy Tops Baby Girl Clothes Sassy Shirts Two Sassy Second Birthday Shirt

A personal favorite from my Etsy shop

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*draws a cat eating a pancake* this is for you Gerard

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To Nicole (You Know Who You Are) --I would tag u but I don't wanna be a bitch like u are.--

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I had so many screenshots of this one and the other April Fools videos. I had to delete them because they were taking up my storage

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I love Gerald Way, Brandon Urie, Patricia Stump, and Thomas Joseph

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ANDPOP | 10 Reasons Why We're Not Okay with My Chemical Romance's Break-Up you sassy boy you

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Frank Iero, Gerard Way & Mikey Way // My Chemical Romance

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