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Clean and Organize Your Refrigerator

This was the first time I’ve ever tried this “method” of cleaning my refrigerator and it was by FAR the easiest and fastest way I’ve ever done it!

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4 of This Year's Hottest Kitchen Trends

These days, people want everything in their kitchen to look beautiful — including their appliances. Thanks to this growing trend, you'll see more concealed coffee stations, microwave drawers and refrigerators disguised with cabinet fronts, like this one. Click through for more stunning 2016 kitchen trends.

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Refrigerator Pickle Recipe + Workshop Wrap-Up

My Basic Refrigerator Pickle Recipe - Not too long ago, I had a long-time dream come true: I taught my first full-on cooking class. We played around with my refrigerator pickle recipe and had such a blast!

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Solar Powered Refrigerator!

Here is an after the fact implementation of how I power my refrigerator from the sun. This off grid system has been working great since may 2013. It is truly reassuring to know my groceries are safely stored regardless of utility power.I have fulfilled the electrical code requirements (NFPA 70, TTS-171 Part 1) and power utility mandates for my area. If you have to perform the same on your home, all relevant certifications and approvals are needed. Remember for solar power systems, bigger is…

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Whirlpool 24.5 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator in Monochromatic Stainless Steel

This gorgeous French door refrigerator is a dream. And it looks spectacular in a custom-built cabinet. Home Depot customer Dougie sent us this photo. He says, "This is a five star refrigerator."

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This better be in a restaurant. My lord, those are the same fridges I have at my restaurant/bakery! And this kitchen looks even bigger. Ridiculous. Large kitchens are inefficient because you waste so much time walking around to get stuff.

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The Craft Supplies Closet of My Dreams!

Helpful tips for organizing all your craft supplies!

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Goodbye, House. Hello, Home! Blog : So, I Organized my Refrigerator :: A Conversation Starter